Splitting Hares

About a week ago I was walking in the woods with my dogs when they flushed a rabbit out of the undergrowth. It hurled itself right at me, got all tangled in my legs and then shot off to the other side of the path.

It was over almost before I had any idea what was happening. Yet, the feeling of that furry, surprisingly substantial body twisting between my ankles and stepping all over my feet lingers on.

(No cause for alarm – the bunny got away. Long gone, but fondly remembered.)

2 responses to “Splitting Hares

  1. Isn’t that the same feeling when u are playing double triple stops during a Bach partita? Rufus would have been excited too.

  2. Sharan Leventhal

    The long gone but fondly remembered part? The twisted part – or the head-long rush part?

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