Connecting The Dots

My first performance of Pierrot Lunaire is fast approaching. This is a piece I have always wanted to play, and to do so have had to learn the viola, another long-dreamt-of undertaking.

I have been facetiously telling friends that taking up viola is my latest attempt to stave off senility….. It is never too soon to start. After all, learning new things and challenging the brain is the best way to stay mentally sharp and flexible.

The most surprising part of the process has been discovering how deeply ingrained treble clef is in my mind. Those little dots are linked by bands of steel, not just to physical locations, but – more importantly – to a specific sound.

The difficulty is, with string instruments, as with the voice, if you can’t hear it, you really can’t play it…..


6 responses to “Connecting The Dots

  1. you make me tired, sometimes :>

  2. You need a 5 string! and then try supporting students in a string orch from the score, reading all the clefs, tranposing octaves where necessary, and jumping from one part to another! all in a day’s work for me…;)

  3. Sharan Leventhal

    Ah – if I had the money, I would buy one! I admire flexibility of those who read multiple clefs. I do read bass clef (poorly, due to lack of practice) and now, alto. The trick will be maintaining it.

  4. mine was under $2000…and I just bought a Coda Joule bow at ASTA which is amazing! a good investment.

  5. ps. I am applying to undertake a Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies with a focus in Creativity in the fall. I have been inspired by your blog and your husband’s blog to investigate creativity more thoroughly, especially in the education system….
    gotta keep the brain cells active! 🙂

  6. Sharan Leventhal

    That is fantastic. I look forward to hearing where the adventure takes you! You should take a look at Steven’s new text book….

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