Balancing Act

Many of us struggle to find a balance in our lives. An admirable goal… Balance is one of those basic principles – a word to live by.

It is also crucial to find a balance in our bodies when we are playing the violin.

The only unavoidable postural asymmetry in violin playing is that one palm faces up and the other down. Other than that we can strive to be symmetrical and balanced.

Hold the instrument in such a way that if you bring your hands into your chest by just bending from the elbow, they would meet dead center. The head is free to move, but its general orientation is forward. (Thus my rant over the ‘twisted neck‘ comment….)

Here are some photos… sorry they are backwards (that is how it comes out on my computer camera).

Stand when you are playing as you would want to stand without the violin in your hands. If you are all contorted,  then something is wrong.

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