It’s About Time…..

For a number if years I have been mulling over the idea that Art is our way of playing with time and space. It is a self-aware, deliberate manipulating of the space-time continuum – the very fabric into which we weave our existence.

I am a musician, but also dabble in visual art and dance. Even as a child, I had the feeling (or suspicion) that while I was indulging in one of these pursuits, I was simultaneously doing the others. It’s like looking at a complex structure from different angles; from one side you get music, from another dance, over here drawing and painting and so on.

 Each art form has its particular equation in this game. Visual artists capture, or crystallize, a moment of time in space. Dancers shape space using their bodies while moving through time. We musicians use sound to shape time itself (affecting space to create that sound). We are time sculptors.

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